Paranormal Investigation Equipment List
that Phantom Detectives, LLC uses

Equipment used on Investigations

PDLLC has a wide variety of equipment to conduct paranormal research data. Here is our go-to list of equipment the team relies upon to help. Each piece of equipment has been properly, researched by the team. This is to maximize every aspect of investigating.

Image of equipment that Phantom Detective LLC uses
  • K2 Meters with modified Battery Drain Meter Graysen Box 2.0
  • Infrared/Digital Cameras
  • Full Spectrum Cameras
  • Thermal Imaging to pick up hot/cold signatures in an environment
  • Body Cameras
  • Digital Voice Recorders
  • EMF Meters
  • Motion sensor devices/Rem-Pods
  • Wireless Four Camera Zosi NVR/DVR Security System with Tri Pods
  • Various Ghost Boxes with modified Portal Box
  • Lighted Dowsing Rods
  • SLS Cameras with 2-D-3D mapping
  • Paranormal Music Boxes
  • Paranormal Lanterns with EMF Detection
  • Trip Wire EMF Cables 36/12 feet
  • Ovilus 5/6
  • Paranormal Puck 2
  • Resonance EM Pump/EM White Noise
  • Shadow Trackers
  • DSLR Camera
  • Outdoor Night Vision Tree Camera
  • Video Recording Rig
  • LED Lights with InfraRed/UV
  • Police Body Camera With Night Vision
  • Motion Sensor Devices with Radar
  • Pendulums along with other divination tools
  • Spirit Dice, and more

NOTE: PDLLC Doesn't rely upon phone apps for paranormal research. The only one that has been consistent for our team is Spirit Talk. Many people in the field would agree that Phone Apps are completely unreliable. Many electrical engineers who build paranormal investigation equipment have stated that “Apps aren't designed for paranormal research”. In addition, Phantom Detectives LLC has much more paranormal investigation that they utilize to get responses from spirits. If a home or business is experiencing Paranormal Activity PDLLC will capture it on their equipment/evidence review.